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What are the Humanities?

How do we define the humanities? What is engaged humanities? Why do the humanities matter? Read below to learn more about this fascinating field of study and how it can help you understand the world around us!

  • Humanities

    The humanities refer to disciplines that study the languages, texts, and social forms that shape our world.

    At UIC, the humanities include: Philosophy, History, Music, Art, and many more!

  • Engaged Humanities

    Engaged humanities happens when we connect the research skills employed in these disciplines with real world issues and problems.

    In the EHI, students learn how to apply the skills and tools they gain from their humanities training to address timely questions facing today’s society.

  • Engaged Humanities Projects

    Addressing environmental problems in neighborhoods with written analysis and communication; partnering with nonprofit organizations to assist in outreach, working on digital projects that expose large audiences to conversations about literature, history, or politics.